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As per estimates, there are over 80 Lakh businesses that urgently need to leverage Information & Communication Technology (ICT) to grow or continue to stay in business. With over 62% of first time buyers of Personal Computers rushing to markets. When you become a ChoiceOne partner, you not only differentiate your product offerings by building continuous availability into your applications -- you keep your customers happy.

Customers across diverse industries demand “always-on” computing platforms and services as their business needs increasingly call for 24/7 application uptime. Virtualization is becoming more mainstream, which helps reduce the number of servers, but concentrates customers’ risk of downtime. ChoiceOne offers you an unparalleled opportunity to take advantage of this exceptional growth market.

Unlike solutions that merely recover from downtime, ChoiceOne products prevent downtime and data loss from happening in the first place. From concept to production to deployment, ChoiceOne provides failure-prevention features into our hardware, software, and services offerings. ChoiceOne Automated Uptime layer constantly monitors the system to preemptively protect against downtime and data loss.

But we don’t stop there. ChoiceOne has solutions that can be deployed across split sites for further levels of protection and disaster recovery. Our best-in-class availability solutions are easy to operate and easy to support. No matter which ChoiceOne solution you choose, this distinct difference guarantees you higher profits and provides your customers with a multitude of benefits – all backed by world class 24/7 worldwide monitoring and support services with built-in fault-detection and call-home reporting.

At ChoiceOne, we view our partners as critical to our success and we’ve invested in partner programs to ensure your success. Discover how partnering with ChoiceOne can provide you with tremendous profit potential and a way to differentiate your solutions in an expanding market.

If you are interested to partner with us, then just send mail with your profile to A team from ChoiceOne will get in touch with you to explore and understand how to address this huge opportunity that lies ahead, jointly.

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